Nice To Meet You

by Who Are You Lutra Lutra ??

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Live recordings - La Carène, Brest - 2010/2011


released April 1, 2011




Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? Brest, France

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Track Name: Djúpavík Song
They say it takes like a lifetime to live a life
But they say "play it safe! And I will make your time mine"
So it takes a lifetime, and we have a lifetime,
So it's fine
but only a lifetime, so we gotta start now.
Track Name: Koala Song
Rivers are drying
Man you're lying
The forest is shaking
And your wife is smiling

Leaves on the trees on new year's eve
We've seen sharks feeding sharks
And we've closed our ears
And your wife is still smiling

In the middle of nowhere,
Fuck you're still here, you're everywhere
And I can see your face, now I hear your voice
And you're still lying.

Now let's pretend to be sad
Because a fucking koala just died
Man what's wrong with you
What's wrong with us
What's wrong with the earth

I need a long song to wipe my fears away
I need a long long song
Like a safe place to play
Track Name: Stop Saying His Name
Stop saying his name,
Like he's not the same,
Like when you tried not to,
Like when the guy broke you.

See him speak and see him laugh
And watch the watchers
And hear the drinkers
And all this pretty crowd
And all these dirty minds

I hope you'll have a beautiful tie
I guess you'll find a powerful rhyme
I'm sure you'll hide your black and white sides
I mean, you're mean.
Track Name: Happiness
I have seen you
I have touched you
I've been breathing with you
But I'm not sure I knew

On the way back from right now
I'm gonna pass out
While memories of you
Are gonna fade out

But I will seek you out
And I will find you
I will stay up all the night
And I will bring you back.
Track Name: Nights and Days
The sun, cold
The clouds, gone
The raindrops, already old

It's been raining all along the night
Across the sea, and the way we see it,
It is the way it hides.

Hours through hours
And days through days
Nights, days, whites, greys
And maydays, maydays

And not strong enough
To just let it go
When there is nothing new around
When there is no one but old loving ghosts
And they're fading out
As we keep growing old

It's been raining all along the day
Across the sea, and the way we see it
No I don't think it's OK.

And then a head shows,
And it's quite funny.
And there are meadows
And they look pretty.
The wind blows, it's a good idea
Now the sun goes down,
And breathing is easy

Hours through hours
And days through days
Nights, days, whites, greys
I'm gonna miss these days.