White On White

by Who Are You Lutra Lutra ??

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Indeterminacy The acoustic instrumentation, the dreamy melodies, and the gentle voice with just a trace of melancholy transform the set of songs into an aural delight.
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It left as quickly as it came It was here and it was gone And it's still inside my head And I wish it could hold on Cause time, it makes some funny things And the memory too It likes to fool around And as soon as you are thinking of just something else Well it plays its tricks on you. Here, did you hear ? Did you feel it when it came ? It was swirling all around our heads It was buzzing low It was little I know But it was no joke.
Oh Boy you're taking the wrong road Do you know how fast it goes ? Oh god Are you drunk enough now ? And then, with the daylight With your head on fire Now the dream is over But do you remember Do you remember her ? It seems to be Like it's not so easy to be Learn your books And see it's gonna be alright It's gonna be alright It's gonna be alright
Once I've been bitten by a traveling bug You should go faster man, you're getting old You should go further, here it's getting cold You should remember the traveling bug Now step aside and look just behind Yes it's been a while, and no you don't feel proud And you need someone to blame, and I'm sure you'll find But is it the problem ? and is it the time ? Go away you, you lazy boy Please go away now, you lazy bug
So how've you been It's been a while So tell me how you feel Now that I'm around Well I feel like talking And maybe then drinking With a friend of mine And all I've been seeing Was just white on white And the almost nothing In the almost night Well I talk to the owls And the wolves talk back, Me I know what they mean Have no guests but the wind And it sneakes in with no warning Well you know what I mean And all I've been seeing Was just white on white And the almost nothing In the almost night So thank you for passing by
So, that's it There is a little piece of everything in here So, this it it, There is a lot of peace in everything in here Oh it's crazy how we fit Right in the middle of it That's it So that's it And this is only what I was looking for So, this it it Well who's crazy now, to always ask for more ? So I cross my legs, And I clear my head And I try to remember What the wise man said In the quiet of the dawn, and the fireplace
It's a long road for those who ain't crying It's a tough road for those who ain't smiling What are you looking at ? What are you looking at ? You'll see I'm still dying It's been a long road darling! Will I have to know, How to try to learn to heal ? Now that you've let me go No don't you think so ? What are you looking at ? What are you looking at ? Cause It's not in this world It's not in this world I'm not in your world


"Six titres particulièrement épurés où ukulele, guitare et piano sont habillement mis au service d’une voix envoûtante, véritable guide de ce voyage onirique" - Sourdoreille - 22/01/2014

"On marche dans l'intime jusqu'aux genoux, comme une balade en raquettes dans 50 cm de poudreuse sous un ciel bleu d'hiver. On se surprend à penser que c'est beau, qu'on est tout petit au milieu du grand rien." - groundcontroltomajortom - 16/03/2014

"Ihre authentizität aber erlangen sie durch das besinnen auf sich selbst, auf ihr handwerkliches können, die lieblichkeit ihrer gesangsharmonien, die festigkeit ihrer musikalischen qualität. und setzen sich damit deutlich von anderen ab." - Das Klienicum 11/03/2014


All songs composed by "Who Are You Lutra Lutra ??" (Except Bonus Track) and recorded in Berlin between October and December 2013.

Mixing by "Who Are You Lutra Lutra ??"

Artwork by Marianne Nicolas : www.in-august.com

Thanks to everybody who helped us traveling, who found us gigs, who welcomed us into their homes and shared amazing stories during these last months of touring and composing. You were a great inspiration for the recordings ! Thanks to Slay Deeh for the good vibes and the drums while touring around Germany and Denmark.


released December 15, 2013

Acoustic guitar, piano, vocals : Julien Thomas
Electric guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bells, concertina, bass guitar : Fabien Thomas

Background vocals on "White On White" by Ditte Grube Barild and Christian Dietrichsen from "Out of the woods", recorded in Aarhus, Denmark. Additional acoustic guitar on "White On White" by Christian Dietrichsen.

Snow footsteps on "White On White" recorded in November 2013 by Ditte Grube Barild in Iceland.




Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? Brest, France

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